About Us

About Us

Quantum Level is a electronic music band from Kuopio, Finland. Before Quantum Level the band name was ATOPICA. Quantum Level compose melodic electronic music. Main genres: Synthpop, Electropop, Dance, Ambient, Techno, Chill Out, Classical and Progressive Electronic.

Tomi "Youngfield" Antikainen
was born in 4th of March 1983 in Kuopio, Finland. Tomi has studied music since 3rd grade (1992) and he has graduated from Kuopio Senior High School of Music in 2002 and later from Kuopio conservatory musician’s degree programme in 2006. He is also the Bachelor of Computer Science (graduated 2011). Tomi is the main composer, producer and leader of the group. Tomi is a big fan of Mike Oldfield. In classical music Mozart is his biggest star. Tomi loves to watch movies and he thinks that the best part of the movies is the music because it creates the atmosphere and the excitement of movies. He loves listening to pop, dance, techno, progressive rock, melodic metal and classical music. He made his first composition in age of 15 (1998) when he interested of composing music with his computer. He thinks that electronic music can be as realistic than real instrumental music becouse todays software and hardware synthesizers includes realistic instrumental voices that are recorded in professional studio environment. Tomi has a humble mind about what he do but sametime he got high motivation to become better and better composer and musician every day. All songs of Quantum Level are produced by: Tomi Antikainen.


Matias "Cosmos" Jaakkola
is the talented guitarist of Quantum Level. He has graduated from Kuopio Senior High School of Music in 2002 and studied in concervatory of Kuopio three years. He has been playing guitar since age of 13. He is a big fan especially of Joe Satriani and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Matias has got influences from many music styles like classical, folk, blues, rock and heavy metal. He plays the guitar in songs: Light of Spring, Autumn Light, Cosmos, Galaxy Faraway, Space Angels, Jupiter Moves, Stars, Space Jam, Jam, Christmas Bells, Fantasy, Insane Funk, Shadow Warrior, Shadowman, Shadow Song, Shadow Mountain, Mount Everest (Guitar Edit), Intro, Battle in Heaven, Raphael, Barachiel and Cherubs. Matias is a spiritual person and likes to show his opinion of earthly matters, society and life in general.


Petteri "Pete" Hyvärinen
is a composer and a guitarist of the Quantum level. He has been composing and playing the guitar for many years. He is a very creative person and loves to improvise and sing. He is a excellent composer and improviser and he can do outstanding guitar solos. He has studied socialpsychology at the University and so he tries to combine his studies with his lyrics. His aim is to create new beautiful melodies newer heard before and create some experimental music. In his lyrics he tries to get answers to the big, deep questions for example the questions about reality at the Quantum Level. He is a big fan of Carlos Santana and Petteri tries to create new kind of music that reflects deeper meaning and the music that could have power to heal. Petteri is a member of The Orthodoxian Church(eastern christianity) and he is interested in christian mystics. He is also interested in physics, biology, religion, theology, psychiatry and he is a nature enthusiast. He loves classical music, blues, soul, proggresive rock and fusion. Petteri plays guitar in songs: Quantum Level Intro, Jupiter Moves, Autumn Light, Stars, Window to Paradise, Mount Teide, Tenerife, Atlantic Ocean, Loving Memories, Life, Across the Stars, Starlight Guitar, Space Jam, Jam, Insane Funk, The Beast, Walking in the Forest, New Lifeform in Arizona, Grand Canyon, Shadow Warrior, Desert, Halleluja, Shadowman, No Shadow, Shadow Song, Shadow Mountain and Indian Summer.

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